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FIRST 0.5KG US$ 13.57 US$ 11.80
EACH ADDITIONAL 0.5kg US$ 3.74 US$ 3.25
2 - 3 5 - 8
Other Rates
International shipping fees
BuyForMe fee 10% of transaction cost
Combining of Packages Free for first 3, US$1 for each subsequent package Free
Repack US$7: Box cut downs
US$5: box to bag transfers
US$5: Box cut downs
US$3: box to bag transfers
Storage Free for 30days,
US$1/day after
Free for 60days,
US$1/day after
Express Delivery Upgrade Not Applicable Automatic Upgrade to Express Delivery
Returns from the U.S. address US$5 per package


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Ship Internationally

Many U.S. merchant charge high shipping fees or don’t ship internationally

comGateway provides a high value alternative at affordable rates. With your free U.S. Address, you can now shop like a U.S. resident and enjoy premium international shipping services via DHL and FedEx.

comGateway BuyForMe Service

Don’t have a payment method accepted by the store?

Many U.S. online stores only accept credit cards issued by U.S. banks. Use comGateway’s BuyForMe service - place your order with us and we’ll make the purchase on your behalf.

Store, repack, consolidate packages

Store, repack and consolidate your packages at your U.S. Address.

Store the packages at your U.S. Address for free for 30 days (60 days for Prime Members.) Get them repacked to reduce the shipping weight. Accumulate multiple packages to ship together. Use our suite of service to save on your international shipping!

Premium Shipping Services

Premium Shipping Services at Affordable Prices

Premium delivery services like DHL and FedEx provide detailed package tracking, has an efficient logistics system to ensure timely delivery, and will attempt multiple deliveries to ensure you receive your packages. Use comGateway for premium delivery services at affordable prices as we ship in bulk and pass the cost savings to you.