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ComGateway offers international shipping from any U.S. online store including Amazon, eBay, Zappos, Sephora, Polo and countless more. Register with comGateway to get a free U.S. Address that all U.S. online stores will deliver to. From your U.S. address, we forward your packages to DHL & FedEx for international shipping to more than 220 countries worldwide


Gain access to shopping any U.S. online store

Many U.S. online stores don't offer international shipping at all or only ship certain products internationally, and their international shipping rates tend to be high. Use your ComGateway U.S. address to gain access to any U.S. store, and enjoy our lower international shipping rates worldwide.

No U.S. billing address? We'll buy on your behalf

Many U.S. shopping websites do not currently accept credit cards or PayPal accounts without a U.S. billing address. ComGateway gives you access to buying from these sites through our BuyForMe service. We buy the products on your behalf and instruct the merchants to deliver to our warehouse (your U.S. address).

Enjoy sales tax-free U.S. online shopping

When you register with comGateway, you're given a free US address, which is also the address of our warehouse. This is located in Portland, Oregon. As Oregon is one of the few sales-tax free states in the U.S., this means that none of your U.S. online purchases with comGateway will incur any sales tax. This can save you between 5 to 12 percent of your product costs.

Preferred by over 500,000 online shoppers worldwide

With customers from all over the world, comGateway is now preferred by more than 500,000 users from 220 countries worldwide. Part of the reason why we have gained so much exposure is because we are the official service providers for Visa, American Express, PayPal and JCB.


We repack your packages to reduce shipping costs

In international shipping, your chargeable shipping weight is dependent not only on the weight but also the size of your packages. We assess all your packages that arrive to determine if we can cut down your shipping costs by repacking. If repacking is feasible, it will be made available to you when you select your international shipping options.

Combine multiple purchases into a single shipment

Following industry standards, when it comes to air freight, the first half kilo of each shipment, known as the base weight, costs significantly more than each additional half kilo within the same shipment. While our international shipping rates are already low to begin with, you can save even further by combining packages from multiple purchases into a single shipment. This way, you only have to pay for the base weight once, enabling you to save even more on international shipping.

Lowest international shipping rates in the industry

Why pay more when you don't have to? Some U.S. online stores and other U.S. shipping companies do in fact offer international shipping, but their rates are usually higher than ours. Also, shipping directly through U.S. online stores denies you the chance to repack and combine packages. Many of our customers stick with us because they find that in the long run, they can save so much more - the entire U.S. online shopping process becomes more fruitful and cost effective to them.

International delivery in partnership with DHL & FedEx

Once you’ve selected to ship your packages internationally, we forward your packages and delivery details to DHL & FedEx who then deliver to your doorstep in any country. Have your packages delivered around the globe to you in as quickly as 3 to 5 business days.