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Description Express Standard
First 0.5 kg US$ 24.90 US$ 20.75
Every additional 0.5 kg US$ 3.90 US$ 3.25
Speed of delivery (business days) 2 - 3 5 - 8

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Did you know?

Shopping the U.S. Online? Many U.S. stores do not ship internationally, while those that do tend to charge high international shipping rates.

What else can I do with my comGateway U.S. address?

Use your U.S. Address address to store and repack your packages to reduce your shipping weight.

Furthermore, your U.S. address can be used to consolidate your packages from one or more U.S. stores.

When you consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment, you only pay for the first half kilo once, reducing your shipping costs.

How will comGateway know when my packages have arrived at my comGateway U.S. address?

When you register (for free) with comGateway, we assign you a U.S. address (our warehouse address) with a unique identifier known as a Suite ID.

Include this Suite ID in your U.S. address whenever you buy from U.S. websites and we’ll notify you by email whenever any of your packages arrive.

Simply sign into your comGateway account to select to repack, combine and ship your packages. We’ll then ship to your home through DHL or FedEx!

Can I buy from U.S. stores that don’t accept non-US credit cards?

Most definitely. Simply use our BuyForMe service – tell us what you want to buy and we’ll purchase it on your behalf and have the merchant deliver it to your comGateway U.S. address.