Tip: Use  LIVE QUOTE to get a shipping weight estimate

How are shipping fees calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated using a flat fee for the first half kilogram, with a lower subsequent fee charge for every additional half kilogram.

Shipping weight is determined by volumetric and actual weight of a shipment – whichever is greater. Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of a package and dividing the result via a volumetric factor.

Rates table

View our international shipping rates to your country. See weights guide

2 - 3 5 - 8
Other Rates
International shipping fees
BuyForMe fee 10% of transaction cost
Combining of Packages Free for first 3, US$1 for each subsequent package Free
Repack US$7: Box cut downs
US$5: box to bag transfers
US$5: Box cut downs
US$3: box to bag transfers
Storage Free for 30days,
US$1/day after
Free for 60days,
US$1/day after
Express Delivery Upgrade US$ 4.00 for the 1st package, and $2.50 for each additional package per transaction Automatic Upgrade to Express Delivery
Returns from the U.S. address US$ 4.00 for the 1st package, and $2.50 for each additional package per transaction US$ 4.00 for the 1st package, and $2.50 for each additional package per transaction

Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharge is imposed by our logistics partners, and varies with current fuel prices in the market. Please click to view current fuel surcharge.


At comGateway, all packages are insured for loss or damage during international shipping, for a cost of 1% of total charges paid to comGateway. Total charges include:

  • Item cost
  • U.S. domestic shipping charges (for BuyForMe orders only)
  • international shipping charges

Coverage is limited to US$10,000. Compensation for loss or damage will be based on

  • Total value of goods declared
  • U.S domestic shipping charges (for BuyForMe orders only)
  • international shipping charges from the U.S. to a package's final destination

Taxes & duties

All imported goods are subject to a country's customs and duties. As limits and regulations vary with different countries, please check with the website of your country's governing authority.

Should you have duties and taxes due, please pay the delivery agent when you receive your shipment.

Remote area surcharge

This surcharge is imposed when a delivery destination is in an area that is beyond our delivery agent’s route. This generally applies only to delivery addresses in particularly rural areas.

Please note that with a remote area surcharge,

  • There is a fee of US$5 (applicable only to remote areas within Australia)
  • Please add 3-5 business days to your shipment delivery

Fragile items

Crating ensures fragile items with insufficient protection arrive safely at their international destination.

When an item is flagged for crating due insufficient protection, a customer may:

  • Ship the parcel as it is. Insurance will only cover lost or missing items, and not item damage, or
  • Crate the package, so it is insured against damage. Crating fees are quoted upon request, and crating may affect final shipping weight.

The following items are usually fragile and subject to crating

  • Big/flat screen TVs
  • Chandeliers
  • Large porcelain/glass figurines
  • Mirrors

Crating fees will be determined on an individual basis and customers will be notified of crating details when their shipments arrive at their U.S. Address.

Please note that crating will also affect shipping rate, as dimensions and actual weight will change. Rates will be determined by volumetric or actual weight, whatever is higher. Your chargeable shipping weight will be based on the new weight of your package after it has been crated (inclusive of the crate).