What comGateway's Business Program Offers You

If you plan to ship frequently, the Business Program is designed to enable you to save even more when you ship with comGateway.

Comparison of the Business Program with our free service :

  Standard Free Service Business Program
Yearly Fees None US$100.00
Shipping Rates Low Shipping Rates Further Discounts
Free Upgrade to Express None Automatic
Free Consolidation Up to 3 Packages Up to 15 Packages*
Free Storage 30 days 90 Days
Digital Imaging of Invoice Free Free
BuyForMe Service Fee 10% 5%

* Our shipping providers will allow a maximum of 15 separate packages for each shipment. If you have more packages than this, please email Customer Support for assistance

Description Express Standard Business  upgrade Savings
First 0.5kg $ $ $ $
Every additional 0.5kg $ $ $ $
Speed of Delivery (business days) 2 - 3 5 - 8 2 - 3

For any further inquiries, contact us at business.program@comgateway.com.