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About comGateway

More than 3 billion people connect to the internet yet access to products is limited and price discrimination is prevalent.

We at comGateway believe that these barriers should be taken down. Access to markets should be free and the consumer is empowered to arbitrage price differentials where they exist.

The consumer Platform

Consumers in more than 150 countries use comGateway to help them shop from U.S. online stores. Our service features provide solutions to payment and shipping restrictions. With us, our customers gain accesses the world’s largest online marketplaces.

comGateway launched its first service in 2005. Since then we have always focused on improving and we have innovated to be the leading company in the industry. As recognition of that we continue to develop and operate the e-commerce website for Visa and PayPal.

The Business Platform

We assist businesses that want to internationalize their markets by enabling them to outsource their non-domestic shopping carts to us. We provide payment fraud filters, full landed costs, global shipping at competitive rates and multi-lingual customer support.


We draw on our extensive logistics experience to manage and optimize shipping resources for our customers. Our combined shipping volume means we are able to negotiate for the best rates from the freight integrators for you.

Our proprietary customer service desks in Philippines and China augment our services with multi-lingual capabilities to handle pre and post-sales support.

The e-commerce landscape is changing rapidly and to allow us to innovate at the same pace, we design and build our entire IT infrastructure in-house. Our strong IT team makes this possible and they work with our customers constantly to benefit from change with less effort.

Our Mission

We see our role to resolve problems and optimize the experience when you use our service. That requires us to anticipate friction points that can arise from any transaction. We ensure our customers do not pay sales tax in the U.S. (as they are not consuming the product there), we consolidate and repack to reduce shipping charges, we developed our LiveQuote service to take the guess work out of estimating shipping cost and we have a BuyForMe team that never says No.

Currently, we are helping our customers sell and ship into China, while our IT team is working with our business clients to integrate with our platform in a matter of days instead of months.

If you encounter a barrier in your e-commerce world, we will take it down for you.

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